Resolution Passed by the Tibetan Youth Congress (1997)

Whereas His Holiness the Dalai Lama has evaluated the advisability of worshipping Dholgyal for many years and has addressed the issue repeatedly since 1978, and

Whereas there has been negligence on the part of the public toward these addresses, with active propagation of this worship on the part of some (spiritual masters), and
Whereas this negligence is beyond tolerance any more,
We have called a special session of the Central Executive Committee of the Tibetan Youth Congress for May 10 and 11 for exhaustive consultation with scholars and for clarification of doubts as well as for policy directive to be perused on this issue. We resolve that,
1. Since there is nothing more important (for Tibetan) than the cause of Tibet and the health of the Dalai Lama, the participants solemnly agree to abide by these (said) addresses if His Holiness the Dalai Lama;
2. Upon arriving back at our respective areas, together with showing the video clip of this talk to local youth congress members, together with announcements of this resolution of this congress, the local youth representatives will solemnly declare that they will abide by these addresses of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and will report back within two weeks from this date on the progress made in this direction;
3. When it is confirmed there is no one in the Tibetan Youth Congress membership worshipping Dholgyal, we will gradually present the (said video clip to the public, announce our policy in this issue, and especially urge the Tibetan Youth to evaluate their decisions in this regard;
4. Even in places without youth congress branches, the nearest youth congress affiliate will try to urge this message by presenting the (said) video clip etc;
5. This Congress urges the Cabinet, the Chamber of Tibetan Peoples' Deputies, the Religious and Educational Council and the Ministry of Home Affair (of the exile Tibetan govt.) to implement this policy in their respective areas of responsibility;
6. This execute Committee will likewise announce this policy to all Tibetan monasteries and urge that everyone must abide by the address of the Dalai Lama;
7. The Central Executive Committee of the TYC will publish a document containing information on the TYC stand against the worship of Dholgyal and urging all those indiviual spiritual masters who still worship Dholgyal to heed the advice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the interest of the cause of Tibet and stop worshipping Dholgyal;
8. If anyone in the youth congress membership is found as still worshipping Dholgyal that member will be immediately expelled from Tibetan Youth Congress membership;
9. This congress will also urge all other Tibetan organizations not to enroll anyone into their membership who venerates and worships (this native Tibetan Buddhist deity) Dholgyal.
Seal of Tibetan Youth Congress

[The English translation of point 7 above has been amended 8th October 2014 so that it more accurately represents the original Tibetan. TYC resolutions etc are generally published in Tibetan. The above resolution can be found in a compilation of such resolutions tsogs.chen.dang.’gan.’dzin.lhan.tsogs.kyi.gros.
chod.phyogs.bsgrigs. (1970-2000)]