Yongzin Yeshi Gyaltsen (1713-1793)

From The Lotus Ornamenting the Teachings of the Buddha.  Biography of Yongzin Yeshi Gyaltsen (1713 – 1793); the tutor of H.H Jampel Gyatso, the eighth Dalai Lama.  Composed by the Eighth Dalai Lama.
Further, with regard to the education of the young Panchen Rinpoche (name and year), all his attendants should take full care.  It would be a great shame otherwise, saying that he is a Buddha and needs no effort as required by an ordinary (child).  Even if he is a Buddha, as long as he assumes an ordinary aspect, he should be given the education the way it is given to an ordinary person.  It would be an incomplete legacy pertaining to service of the Dharma and sentient beings; the ones left by unlearned scholars and untrained yogis.  Therefore, everyone should take utmost care about the study of the venerable (Panchen Rinpoche).
Another point to be considered is that the new Dharma protector (Dholgyal) is the source of ruin of Tashi Lhunpo (monastery).  The very Dharma protector, which Panchen Losang Choegyan is connected with, will suffice.  Other than that, if (the monastery) starts introducing the propitiation of some harmful spirit, it will be a great source of inauspiciousness (to the monastery).  Everyone should be extremely cautious about it.