Phurchok Ngawang Jampa (1682-1762)

In the Catalogue of the Three Monastic Seats composed by Phurchok Ngawang Jampa (1682-1762):

Thus, at the time when Je (Tsongkhapa) himself was alive, apart from those dharma protectors who are bound by oath and are mentioned in the tantras themselves, no objects for propitiating or seeking the slightest help of harmful negative worldly spirits who are ghosts, was ever installed within the premises of this monastic seat.  As a result, all the members of the community, both Lamas and disciples lived in harmony and the tradition of study and practice flourished.  Even (the cairn) to the spirit of Tsongkhapa's birthplace was placed outside the monastery.  However, nowadays, many people who consider themselves to be followers of Tsongkhapa, and who adopt the three robes of a fully ordained Buddhist monk, go for refuge in ghostly spirits.  They will have to face the consequence of meeting with great misfortune.